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UPDATED: Winter Waivers process begins (2012-10-9)

RESULTS ROUND ONE Deadbirds: PASS Hose: PASS McBrides: PASS Suspects: Select Sean Marshall, make available Andrew Cashner (who is not available until Round 2) Mojo: PASS Keynesians: PASS Knights: PASS Flash: PASS Bears: PASS Kings: PASS Crusoes: Select Jorge De La Rosa, make available Dave Sappelt. SECOND ROUND Deadbirds: PASS Hose: PASS McBrides: PASS Mojo: [...]

The first-place arc (2012-10-9)

How many CDRL teams held first place at the end of a week in the 2012 season? Is that a question you’ve asked yourself? Well, OK, maybe not. But just in case you were, here’s a review: Right out of the gate, the Keynesians looked like a powerhouse. They jumped into first place and held [...]

Charting player use (2012-10-7)

As we continue to deconstruct the 2012 season, we’re looking at the number of players each team used as well as providing a highlight or two. Anyone who can’t figure out which team used the most players just hasn’t been paying attention. Here’s a list of teams and players used, in order: Team Hitters Pitchers [...]

Diamonds in the (reserve) rough (2012-10-4)

The reserve draft portion of auction day can be instrumental in helping a team succeed. Here is a look back at some positive pickups in the reserve draft. OFFENSIVE MVP: We had some outstanding candidates here, but I’m giving the hardware to Todd Frazier. Picked by the Midtown Knights in the fourth round, Frazier hit [...]

Coming up: winter waivers (2012-10-3)

I’d like to get winters waivers prepared, started and completed in a timely fashion this offseason. With that in mind, please start getting your rosters in order. Here are things you need to know, in no particular order: ** You get to protect 25 players. You can NOT protect anyone on your roster who has [...]