Coming up: winter waivers

I’d like to get winters waivers prepared, started and completed in a timely fashion this offseason. With that in mind, please start getting your rosters in order. Here are things you need to know, in no particular order:

** You get to protect 25 players. You can NOT protect anyone on your roster who has an OPT or a 1 in contract status on your roster page. You also can NOT protect anyone who is now in an American League organization. I’ve tried to keep on top of that, but I might have missed one or two.

** All players left unprotected are eligible to be picked by another club in winter waivers IN THE FIRST ROUND ONLY.

** Each club may only acquire ONE player through the Winter Waiver process.

** The Winter Waiver draft will be conducted in inverse order of the standings. The Deadbirds will be on the clock (NOTE: Head Deadbird Andy Vinson is getting married Saturday.)

** If a selected player has a salary of less than $10, his new salary on a three-year contract becomes $10. If a selected player has a salary of $10 or more, his new three-year contract is for his old salary. In both cases, the player selected starts a new three-year contract.

** A team selecting a player must designate a player from his 25-player keeper list to drop at the same time. That player is NOT eligible in that round. Here’s an example: Let’s say I don’t protect ARI IF John McDonald. In the first round, Kerry claims McDonald and drops John Buck from his 25-man roster. Buck is not eligible to be claimed until the second round.

** Winter waivers ends at the point a round is completed with no players selected.

With all that in mind, please ask if you have any questions.

So here’s what I need each of you to do:

** Look at your roster and figure out your 25 keepers.

** Post on the league message board your 25 keepers and the first and last names of the unprotected players, including team and salary.

Then, I will send a note out with a list of all unprotected players and we’ll get started as soon as the Deadbirds are available.

If there are no objections, I will do a keeper list for the league-owned team. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN GETTING INTO THE LEAGUE, GET TO WORK ON THEM. Having one team that was off-limits for trades curtailed moves that some teams could have made. At one point in midseason, we thought about giving Clay Bailey, who sat in for Wayne at the auction, the ability to negotiate trades, but by that point, it seemed like it wouldn’t be fair to the owners who made deals with the idea the league-owned team was frozen. But the bottom line is, we need another owner.

I haven’t heard that any of this group is thinking about pulling out. I hope the experience is good enough to keep you wanting to come back. Please let me know if you have concerns about returning. Remember that the 2013 auction will return to Memphis. We will meet somewhere here, but still conduct via the computer because it makes the post-auction 1,000% easier. If you don’t have a laptop, see if you can borrow one. If not, another league owner might be able to help too.

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-10-3 Category: Baseball

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