The first-place arc

How many CDRL teams held first place at the end of a week in the 2012 season? Is that a question you’ve asked yourself?

Well, OK, maybe not.

But just in case you were, here’s a review:

Right out of the gate, the Keynesians looked like a powerhouse. They jumped into first place and held the spot for three weeks.

But in Week 5, the standings took a more familiar turn, with the four-time defending champion Kings grabbing the headlines.

That only lasted a week, as the Crusoes overtook the Kings in Week 6 and held first place for three weeks. Then it was time for the Bears, who moved in for one week before the Crusoes reclaimed the spot in Week 10.

The Flash, who had been battling for the top spot most of the season, finally ascended in Week 13 but the Crusoes went back ahead in Week 15 with a week in which they went from 68 to 78.5.

From that point, the Crusoes led after each week the rest of the way, reaching a high point of 86.5 points with two weeks to go.

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-10-9 Category: Baseball

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