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Are there historical trends in CDRL? (2013-4-30)

One day long ago, let’s call it the middle of 2012, the owner of the Memphis Kings and the owner of the Crusoes of Robinsonville were discussing (stop me if you’re heard this before) trades. As they have been frequent trading partners over the years since both entered CDRL in 2006, this doesn’t come as [...]

The Kings of trade: How it all began (2013-4-28)

Followers of the CDRL know that the king of trading is none other than Kerry Sewell, owner of the Memphis Kings, who won the league in 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011. We’ve always joked that Kerry actually has three teams: one team on its way in from a trade, one team on the field and [...]

The value of Sabermetrics (2013-4-24)

Now that the auction is over and the preview material is stowed away, we tend to forget about Sabermetrics. That is, if we ever pay full attention to this statistical New World Order. But some just keep analyzing the numbers, seeking to find some unrealized truth. With that as a rambling preamble, I bring you [...]

A CDRL history lesson (2013-4-22)

For those of you who spend time on our league website, you see on the home page our league name, the Craig Davis Rotisserie League. You also see the league’s former name, The Al Neuharth Fantasy League of Rotisserie Baseball. This brings up possible questions, like: ** Who is Al Neuharth? ** Who is Craig [...]

Sunday notes: Offensive MVPs for each team (2013-4-14)

Let’s take a quick spin through the league to see who each team’s offensive MVP is through the first two weeks. The biggest surprise on the list just might be Crusoe catcher John Buck, who has been splattering the baseball with terrific results. After back-to-back slugging percentages of .367 and .347 the past two years, [...]

An open letter to the Memphis Kings (2013-4-10)

TO: Memphis Kings FM: Bake’s McBride, Carmine Hose, Crusoes of Robinsonville, Hamm’s Bears, The Flash and The Keynesians We, the other CDRL league owners, would like to pose a question to Kerry Sewell, the four-time (four-time, four-time, four-time) but no longer reigning and defending champion. To wit: WHAT ABOUT US? We mean, what’s wrong with [...]

Oh my goodness (2013-4-10)

I thought I’d better take a picture of this. There’s nowhere to go from here but down. Just for the record, this photo was taking at 6:45 p.m. Central time, April 10, 2013.

The Mojo scouting machine (2013-4-10)

Memphis MOJO owner Dave Smith is getting a jump on the rest of his CDRL compadres. Today, he made an appearance at Busch Stadium to take in the Reds-Cardinals game. And because he’s always thinking about his league buddies, he sent along a photo. Is it any wonder MOJO, he of the $200+ offensive auction, [...]

Up to date (2013-4-9)

Owners Looks like we’re finally up and running now. League economist Dave Flaum asked yesterday about stats from before Saturday and I had neglected to push rosters back to the start of the season (Thanks for the reminder, Dave!). I did that online and as of this morning, it appears the stats have caught up [...]

Free agents, your time is now (2013-4-7)

Owners, The Free Agent acquisition process begins. If you want to make a move, have at it. I went through the rules in a previous post. Moves made tonight and tomorrow will be determined after midnight Tuesday. From then on, it’s a daily deal. Any questions, please ask. gary