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Looks like we’re finally up and running now. League economist Dave Flaum asked yesterday about stats from before Saturday and I had neglected to push rosters back to the start of the season (Thanks for the reminder, Dave!). I did that online and as of this morning, it appears the stats have caught up with the rosters. Let me know if you see any problems.

One thing that strikes me as I look at the standings — and I have a feeling I’ll be looking at the standings from the bottom all year — is that we need to recalculate in our minds what the scores SHOULD look like.

Since I came into the league in 2006, the lowest winning score has been 80 (by the 2007 Carmine Hose). With a league membership now contracted to 10, a perfect score will be 80 instead of the previous 96, so look for the winning score this year to be somewhere in the 64-68 range. A score of 70 will be STRONG.

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-4-9 Category: Baseball

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