An open letter to the Memphis Kings

TO: Memphis Kings
FM: Bake’s McBride, Carmine Hose, Crusoes of Robinsonville, Hamm’s Bears, The Flash and The Keynesians

We, the other CDRL league owners, would like to pose a question to Kerry Sewell, the four-time (four-time, four-time, four-time) but no longer reigning and defending champion.

To wit:


We mean, what’s wrong with OUR teams? We like to trade, too. It’s fun, kind of a rush dealing players back and forth.

We’d love to trade players here and there. But noooooooo. You trade with those other guys. You trade with the George Steinbrenner of CDRL, the man who spent $210 replenishing his offense. You trade with fellow Met fan, the Usual Suspect. You trade with the man who owns a player (Justin Upton) you covet more than any other.

So we ask again. WHAT ABOUT US?

We await your reply, which should come in the form of a trade offer or two.

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-4-10 Category: Baseball

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