The Mojo scouting machine

Memphis MOJO owner Dave Smith is getting a jump on the rest of his CDRL compadres.

Today, he made an appearance at Busch Stadium to take in the Reds-Cardinals game.

And because he’s always thinking about his league buddies, he sent along a photo.

Is it any wonder MOJO, he of the $200+ offensive auction, is in first place? Never underestimate a good scouting department and, when possible, check out the prospects yourself!

Hey, Dave, how did Descalso look?

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-4-10 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2013-4-10 21:05 Reply

    Sorry Gary, Descalso didn’t play.

    • Gary Robinson @ 2013-4-10 21:15 Reply

      Figures. Cards go for 10 runs and my guy is on the bench.

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