The value of Sabermetrics

Now that the auction is over and the preview material is stowed away, we tend to forget about Sabermetrics. That is, if we ever pay full attention to this statistical New World Order.

But some just keep analyzing the numbers, seeking to find some unrealized truth.

With that as a rambling preamble, I bring you a link to a significant piece about the importance of stats, especially how they are applied to younger players.


Gary Robinson posted at 2013-4-24 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Carmine Hose @ 2013-4-24 21:49 Reply

    Hilarious – and so true. And the very reason my son started coach pitch in kindergarten and competitive kid pitch in 2nd grade. Those rec games were absolute killers. I wanted to beat myself with one of those $299 Marucci’s….

  2. #2Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2013-4-24 22:41 Reply

    Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. #3Kerry @ 2013-4-27 18:22 Reply

    Good stuff

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