Are there historical trends in CDRL?

One day long ago, let’s call it the middle of 2012, the owner of the Memphis Kings and the owner of the Crusoes of Robinsonville were discussing (stop me if you’re heard this before) trades.

As they have been frequent trading partners over the years since both entered CDRL in 2006, this doesn’t come as startling news. But read on.

In the course of the conversation, one of the players discussed was Emilio Bonifacio of the Miami Marlins. The head islander, Gary Robinson, was Bonifacio’s owner and was reluctant to part with him. The top monarch, Kerry Sewell, questioned that, as he has cautioned repeatedly over the years not to “fall in love” with a player.

The conversation went something like this:

“You’re going to hold up the trade because of Emilio Bonifacio? Really?” Kerry asked, incredulity leaking into his kingly voice.

Replied Gary: “He’s a big source of stolen bases and I’m concerned about being a bit weak there.”

“He’s not THAT big,” Kerry said. “Why do you think he’s so important?”

Gary paused for a bit, made some nonsensical response and the conversation moved on. Before they finished talking, though, Gary had an answer.

“Early on, I always felt like I could never find enough stolen bases,” he said. “So now I tend to value them maybe a little higher than I should.”

And that bit of self-revelation sat in the back of his mind. Until now. Do owners have a tendency, he thought, to be strong — or weak — in the same categories year after year? And if you knew that, would it change your strategy?

So he went back to 2006 and compiled stats, chronicling how each current owner has done in each category during his tenure. He’ll be doing some studying and blogging with interesting (he hopes) tidbits for CDRL owners to mull. Would love feedback and we’re studying how to post the actual list.


** The Crusoes indeed did have a speed problem (no, not THAT kind of speed). His first three years, he finished tied for sixth, 10th and 12th in bags. With that in his mind, he has corrected, finishing second, fourth, second and first the past four years. Emilio Bonifacio is only part of the solution.

** We all know the majestic history of the Kings franchise. But did you know that Kerry has never finished lower than eighth in any offensive or pitching category in any year?

** And speaking of speed, he was first in the league in stolen bases four consecutive years, an achievement he matched in victories.

** In 2008, The Flash had the league’s best offense but didn’t win an offensive category. He was third in average, second in homers, tied for third in RBI and third in steals.

** There is an auction theory that you blow off one category and focus on the others. That doesn’t seem like it is a recipe for titles, but it worked in 2007, the title repeat year for the Carmine Hose. The Hose won BA, HR, RBI and WHIP, finished second in SB, third in ERA and Saves … and last in wins.

** The Hose have struggled with victories, historically. In a four-year stretch — 2007-10 — they finished last twice and next-to-last twice.

** This is the Bears’ fourth year in the league. In their first three years, they ALWAYS finished sixth in ERA.

** Kerry has won every category at least twice except batting average, which he only won in 2010.

** James has won every category except SB, ERA and, you guessed it, wins.

** Gary has never won BA, wins or WHIP.

** MOJO lacks only wins in RBI and SB, but has finished second in each of those.

** Flash has a lot of seconds, but only has a tie for first in wins and a first in WHIP to go with his overall first (2008) in offense.

** The Suspects, in six years, have finished third, fourth or fifth in BA every year but one, and have finished sixth through ninth every year in stolen bases.

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  1. #1Kerry @ 2013-4-30 11:43 Reply

    If I remember, the conversation about Bonafacio, it was a trade you were doing (or going to do) with someone other than me. I was just playing dime store shrink as you always go a bit crazy overthinking a trade.

  2. #2Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2013-4-30 11:48 Reply

    Good stuff, Gary, thanks for sharing.

  3. #3David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2013-4-30 12:27 Reply

    The Bonafacio trade ended up being with me. Of course, he was promptly traded to the American League (Toronto). Figures.

  4. #4Gary Robinson @ 2013-4-30 12:57 Reply

    Yeah, Kerry, you are accurate in your recollection. But I never said the deal was with you. Just said we were discussing trades.

  5. #5Kerry @ 2013-4-30 21:55 Reply

    Why in the world do I even remember the conversation? I am a sick, sick man.

  6. #6Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2013-5-1 11:14 Reply

    Hopefully Billy Hamilton will one day get me in the upper half of steals in the league.

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