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Sunday notebook: You don’t want to lead the league in THIS stat (2013-5-26)

A couple of things for the Sunday notebook: ** Took a look at each team’s disabled list. Here’s what I found: — As a league, we average 4.1 players per team. — The Kings have NO one on the disabled list. — Bake’s McBride leads the league with seven players currently on DL stints, the [...]

Abbott and Costello were right (2013-5-21)

Our good friend and favorite substitute teacher Clay Bailey sent this to me, with the notation that Abbott and Costello were right. On a very busy day for me, the laugh was what I needed:

Sunday update: What a close race; who’s wrecking our teams? (2013-5-19)

Haven’t had a chance to update in awhile, so on a quiet Sunday waiting for the Grizzlies to play, here we go. ** I should have written something about this when it happened, but it got lost in the shuffle of life. We’re having an incredible race for the title this year, so close that [...]

‘Get yer popcorn! Cold beer:’ The sounds of the ballpark (2013-5-2)

Tim Kurkjian, the fine baseball writer for ESPN, wrote a cool piece talking to players about the sounds of the game. If you’re looking for something to do — other than work — this afternoon, I commend it to your attention.