Sunday update: What a close race; who’s wrecking our teams?

Haven’t had a chance to update in awhile, so on a quiet Sunday waiting for the Grizzlies to play, here we go.

** I should have written something about this when it happened, but it got lost in the shuffle of life. We’re having an incredible race for the title this year, so close that it’s reasonable to say five or six teams all have chances to take home the trophy (which doesn’t actually exist). But about 10 days ago, the race was so close (how close was it, Johnny?) that only 5.5 points separated the first place team and the seventh place team.

Right now, first-place MOJO is ahead of the third-place Suspects by 2.5 points. Bake’s McBride is but a half-point out of the top spot. Flash and the Knights are eight back, but that’s just a good day these days.

** Friday night, I watched a kid named Burch Smith make his second start for the Padres. Man, he was throwing seeds up there. After three innings, I decided he needed to be a Crusoe. So I went into the Add-Drop, figured which underachieving Crusoe would get his release (there are many to choose from), and started the process. Only problem was, the system was telling me that Burch Smith was unavailable. “That’s odd,” thought I, “I’m watching him pitch. How can he not be available?”

Well, there’s always a reason. And there was this time. The Kings had grabbed him several days before. Their scouting system is unbelievable!

** Here’s a team-by-team look at early disappointments, in order of team standings:

1. MOJO: B.J. Upton has been a complete bust, both for the Braves and MOJO. He’s hitting .145 with three homers, six RBI and three steals.

2. Bake’s McBride: Although they’ve combined for 11 homers and 33 RBI, Pedro Alvarez and Carlos Quentin are dragging down Bake’s BA, hitting .197 and .181 respectively.

3. Suspects: Danny Espinosa couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. He’s at .168 with three homers, 10 RBI and a steal. And Cole Hamels has pitched to a 4.61 ERA with exactly one victory so far.

T4: Flash: Edwin Jackson isn’t a good Flash. He’s not even a flash-in-the-pan, not with a 5.75 ERA and a WHIP of 1.52 to accompany his one victory.

T4: Knights: Considered the pre-auction favorite, the Knights have struggled. Why, you ask? Glad you did. Look no further than Miguel Montero (.184-3-13-0), Dan Uggla (.183-7-13-0), Ike Davis (.156-4-9-0) and Memphis’ own Matt Cain (5.43 ERA).

6: Keynesians: The Economists have been singing a sad song every time Ryan Vogelsong takes the hill. He’s at an 8.06 ERA, 1.84 WHIP and one victory. That can have a trickle-down effect on your pitching economy.

7. Crusoes: The defending champs took eight pitchers into the auction. Two of them are Tim Hudson (5.11 ERA) and John Axford (7.74-2.02, ZERO saves). Nice planning.

8. Hamm’s Bears: Yovani Gallardo has been pitching like Mike Gallego (4.50 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, three victories)

9. Carmine Hose: Nothing will make an offense colder than the start David Freese has had (.210-1-8-1). And while Matt Kemp has a respectable average at .266, he’s gone yard once.

10. Kings: Hard to judge here, since the Kings divested themselves of their talent within 96 hours of the opening of the trade season. So we’ll go with the aforementioned Burch Smith, who has impressed everyone with his 15.63 ER and his 2.21 WHIP. (And I’d STILL like to have him!)

Who has disappointed you the most on your team so far? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-5-19 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2013-5-19 12:13 Reply

    The pundits keep saying BJ Upton will break out of it and do fine the rest of the year. Hmm, well I keep waiting, and waiting and . . .

    • Gary Robinson @ 2013-5-19 15:16 Reply

      Dave, I didn’t realize how bad it was for Upton. Sheesh.

  2. #2Kerry @ 2013-5-19 14:34 Reply

    Kings problem has been the GM

    • Gary Robinson @ 2013-5-19 15:17 Reply

      Kings are just getting ready for another four-peat.

  3. #3Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2013-5-20 08:02 Reply

    I pointed out the other day that I had the top 3 guys on the player rater with Jordan Zimmerman, Jean Segura, and Matt Harvey. Why am I not running away with things? You mentioned the main reason (Espinosa) but LaRoche has rececently come on strong to RAISE his BA to .228. Not good. And Giancarlo Stanton just looked to be starting to get things going before he went on the DL. He is at .226 with 3 homers.

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