Sunday notebook: You don’t want to lead the league in THIS stat

A couple of things for the Sunday notebook:

** Took a look at each team’s disabled list. Here’s what I found:

— As a league, we average 4.1 players per team.

— The Kings have NO one on the disabled list.

— Bake’s McBride leads the league with seven players currently on DL stints, the top being Hanley Ramirez.

— The Crusoes and MOJO each have six infirm players, led by Rafael Furcal (who was admittedly one of those “let’s take a shot at a guy who may pay off NEXT year” reserve picks) and Corey Hart, respectively.

— Flash (J.J. Putz) and the Suspects (Jayson Werth) have five each.

— The Bears and the Keynesians have four each and the Hose have three.

** Thinking about doing a piece on how owners pick up free agents and I’d like to include some other voices. Tell me how you monitor the minors. Hey, sounds like a future blog headline: Monitoring the Minors. Anyway, you don’t have to be specific if it might mess up a future plan, but in general, how do you “scout”? Send your thoughts to

Here’s an example. A couple years ago, I stumbled across a story about a diminutive infielder tearing it up in the Houston organization. I made a mental note on Jose Altuve, checked his minor league stats from time to time, and when he got called up that July, I grabbed him. Even put in a bid of $11 because I was sure someone else had read the same thing.

** Do you guys do much texting with other owners? Sometimes I wonder if e-mailing is a slow, outmoded communication device. I have cell numbers for a few, but not everyone. Then again, maybe you don’t want to get text messages about trades.

Seems like I could put together a list of cell numbers and post it here. Tell me what you think. You can send me your cell number ( or leave a comment here.

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-5-26 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Kerry @ 2013-5-26 10:35 Reply

    I check the PCL ind IL sites pretty regularly. Figure the Triple AAA guys are a hammy away from a shot.

  2. #2Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2013-5-27 08:41 Reply

    If I find a player I might be interested in, I add them to my scout list. This gives me news about them and reminds me to keep them in my sight.

  3. #3Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2013-7-9 12:45 Reply

    I use the Mojo method. I start the year with a few guys on my scout team and might add some more as the year progresses. Then, they get called up on a day I don’t check it and watch them get picked up by someone else. :-/

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