They’re killing us!

With the All-Star Game approaching, let’s take a look at the players who have done immeasurable damage to our teams.

This is only a look at offensive players and is NOT necessarily a look at a player’s entire body of work, but just how he performed for one team or another in CDRL. As we’re all aware, players tend to change uniforms rather quickly in our little corner of the world.

So without further adieu, whatever that means, here is your CDRL Terrible All-Star lineup for the first half of the season (stats through Monday, July 8; at least 30 at bats for a team is required to be considered):

C — Mike McKenry, Keynesians, .188
1B — Ike Davis, Knights, .154
2B — Danny Espinosa, Suspects, .158
SS — Josh Rutledge, Crusoes, .142
3B — Pablo Sandoval, Mojo, .118
OF — Rick Ankiel, McBride, .057
OF — Cameron Maybin, Bears, .130
OF — Jason Heyward, Kings, .103

And the award for least valuable player goes to Rick Ankiel, a midseason free agent pickup by Bake’s McBride who was sent up 38 times and came back to the dugout with failure written on his face 33 times. He did manage 2 singles and 3 walks, which gave him an OPS of .189. McBride owner Dave Baker consulted with the Mets organization and the two teams jettisoned him simultaneously.

Gary Robinson posted at 2013-7-9 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2013-7-9 21:31 Reply

    BJ Upton is batting .172 (barf), but at least he has 8 HRs and 7 SBs.

  2. #2Justin Kreis (Usual Suspects) @ 2013-7-9 21:43 Reply

    How dare you! Danny Espinosa has held back the Suspects, not the Knights!

    • Gary Robinson @ 2013-7-10 19:08 Reply

      Many apologies, head Suspect. I’ve corrected the mistake and flogged the author.

  3. #3Kerry @ 2013-7-10 18:47 Reply

    And Heyward is not a King! Shoddy research team. Proud that no Kings made the list considering my overall team performance.

    • Gary Robinson @ 2013-7-10 19:07 Reply

      Funny, but I see an April 15 deal in which you sent Zack Cozart, Frank Francisco and Jason Heyward to Flash for Tyler Moore, Jesus Guzman and Adam Eaton. Heyward’s stats in this shoddily researched post are what he accumulated as a King.

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