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Announcing the end of a good idea (2014-5-25)

It’s the Reserve Draft, 2013. To be precise, it’s late in the Reserve Draft, 2013. The $2 rounds, where you take longshots on guys like, well, Whit Overstreet. In the Crusoes’ war room, eyes are checking lists. One name stands out: Rafael Furcal. Furcal is going to miss most — if not all — of [...]

This is why he’s the best ever (2014-5-21)

I offer this without further comment, because greatness needs no setup. Click here to see it.

Putting the MAJOR in major deal (2014-5-9)

Did you see that? In a deal that was sent for commissioner review/approval at 5:12 a.m. — 5:12 a.m.!! — Thursday morning, the Kings and the Suspects lit up the transaction board with a 12-player deal that is the highlight of the early 2015 trading season. This blockbuster tops a 5-for-5 deal the Suspects engineered [...]

Auction backpats and faceslaps (2014-5-7)

We are one month after the auction, held at the gleaming new CDRL Auction HQ of Memphis Kings boss Kerry Sewell (Thanks, again, Kerry! It was great!), and it’s a good time to assess the damage. It’s easy to get lost at the auction — and I don’t mean because Kerry won’t let you turn [...]