Auction backpats and faceslaps

We are one month after the auction, held at the gleaming new CDRL Auction HQ of Memphis Kings boss Kerry Sewell (Thanks, again, Kerry! It was great!), and it’s a good time to assess the damage.

It’s easy to get lost at the auction — and I don’t mean because Kerry won’t let you turn into the Auction HQ from Ridgeway. Even though the pace is less than frenetic, we’re all digesting a ton of information as it happens and comparing it to preconceived notions we had.

I find myself too often refusing to go the extra dollar or two, although I did with Chase Utley, and then being stuck late trying to fill out categories when all the good players are gone.

As I take a look at my roster, I’m proud of speculating on Justin Morneau (a bargain so far at $20) and being willing to go to the mat to get Chris Owings at $15. Time will tell whether I was right on Tanner Roark, who followed up a brilliant effort a couple starts ago by getting his head bashed in last time out.

Then my eyes light upon Jordy Mercer. I spent $13 of my $280 to buy the services of Jordy Mercer. Jordy Mercer. It still hurts just to type his name. I knew it was wrong when I clicked one more time to raise the bid to $13. I know it’s wrong now.

What was the one move you were proudest of during the auction? What player were you happiest to get? What player has absolutely turned your stomach?

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  1. #1Carmine Hose @ 2014-5-7 08:47 Reply

    What a depressing exercise for the Carmine Hose ownership. We can’t really name a proud moment — was it Robbie Erlin at $4 or The Big Panda at $24 or Soriano at $28? Not much pride and joy among those.

    On the other hand, we throw up a little bit every time we watch BJ Upton looking lost at the plate. We are rooting for BJ, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that he’s toast. To cheer us up, we remind ourselves that the Braves made a much more costly mistake in signing him than we did!

    Having said all of that, our goal this year was pretty realistic — finish 6th. We’re pleased with the offense we assembled (knowing full well that we were punting BA)and we are confident the pitching will be there at the end of the day.

  2. #2Kerry @ 2014-5-7 10:28 Reply

    I am proudest of my commitment to spend $30 for a player this year (actually 2). That was a big hurdle for me. It allowed me to reacquire one of my favorite Kings of all time, Justin Upton. I have also done well with my $1 pitchers. My regret was more in a few of my pre-draft deals. The way things have gone for me, my training staff needs to identify potential injury concerns earlier. My entire offense is on the DL.

  3. #3Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2014-5-7 11:18 Reply

    I look back at my draft and see no bargains. In the remorse department, I wish I had tossed back de la Rosa and not bid so high on Brad Ziegler. Then, I could have gone $15 for Matt Harvey. Big mistake. I do like Minor at $15 – just a man crush thing, I guess.

  4. #4Cincinnati Gators @ 2014-5-7 13:57 Reply

    I know we’re new to the league, but the Gators franchise believes it would be great if only pitching stats from pitchers priced at $26 or more count in the official standings.

    • Gary Robinson @ 2014-5-7 21:29 Reply

      Don, if that were the rule, my pitching numbers would be 0 wins, 0 saves, 0.00 ERA, 0.00 WHIP LOL

      And do you really want Cliff Lee’s numbers to count tonight? He pitched great for 6 innings, and got tattooed in the 7th.

  5. #5Justin Kreis (Usual Suspects) @ 2014-5-7 23:15 Reply

    I think that I had my weakest auction ever. I failed to pick up an ace (my most expensive starter was Josh Johnson at $7…ouch). My highest paid pitcher was Jose Veras at $19 (lost his job as closer before recording a save, currently sporting a 15 ERA and on the DL). My second highest salaried starter acquired at auction was Trevor Cahill who pitched so poorly that he was removed from the DBacks rotation and has a 6.50 ERA while toiling as a middle reliever.

    The good news is Ryan Braun and his $32 salary was looking like a good investment…before he ended up on the DL.

    I look at my team and wonder where the money went. And then I remember that I left $10 on the table at the auction.

    I can still squint and see a respectable finish, but I am already wondering if I will regret trading Rendon and Ozuna to try and help me this year when it looks like my best option may be to build for the future.

  6. Nobody can do a better job than you.

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