This is why he’s the best ever

I offer this without further comment, because greatness needs no setup. Click here to see it.

Gary Robinson posted at 2014-5-21 Category: Uncategorized

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  1. #1Carmine Hose @ 2014-5-21 22:20 Reply

    Classic! I feel compelled to tune into Vin every night because you can’t be sure how much more he has left. As he says, we’re playing with house money now.

  2. #2Gary Robinson @ 2014-5-22 07:24 Reply

    “I’m doing my best to translate here.” Great line.

    And I agree, James. I don’t listen every night, but I listen most nights for a bit for that very reason. I remember Harry Kalas dying at the ballpark. I don’t want to tune in a Dodger game and find out it happened to Vin. That would NOT be a “very pleasant evening to you, wherever you may be.”

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