Announcing the end of a good idea

It’s the Reserve Draft, 2013. To be precise, it’s late in the Reserve Draft, 2013. The $2 rounds, where you take longshots on guys like, well, Whit Overstreet.

In the Crusoes’ war room, eyes are checking lists. One name stands out: Rafael Furcal. Furcal is going to miss most — if not all — of the 2013 season because of Tommy John surgery. But at $2, he seems like a bargain. What if he comes back in September to help the Cardinals? What if he misses the year but comes back in 2014 as the starting shortstop? This seems like a good idea. So the card goes to the commissioner: RAFAEL FURCAL STL SS.

Those of you who are avid followers of CDRL transactions know that the Crusoes make liberal use of their roster for trades and free-agent acquisitions, but somehow, they keep Furcal rather than trading him (only if nobody was stupid enough to agree to take him) or dropping him in a waiver claim.

Then comes the offseason news that Furcal is signing with the Marlins and will be their second baseman. BINGO, think the Crusoes, a starting second baseman for $2. This really WAS a good idea.

But around rolls spring training and Furcal, to the astonishment of all, falls to an injury. The news about the injury is sporadic and varies between minor progress and major setback.

The last shows Furcal at least a month away, having been moved from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL to accommodate the addition of a reliever that not even the Marlins-bullpen-happy Kings would pick up.

Finally realizing Furcal has as much chance to contribute to the Crusoes as Maury Wills does, the Crusoes saw that Chone Figgins has been dropped and springs into action. The waiver claim to acquire Figgins is successful and dropped in the process is Furcal.

“We appreciate the effort Rafael put toward making the Crusoes a better team,” said Crusoes managing general partner Gary Robinson, who was unable to think of even one thing Furcal had done in that regard when asked later. “We wish him well in his future endeavors. We suspect they won’t include much baseball.”


** This is how you know your team isn’t doing well. Saturday morning, Cody Asche’s name on the roster included an orange “hot player” icon. Asche has been hitting the ball well of late, so I was eager to see what they had to say about the winter waiver acquisition. Under the headline CODY ASCHE CATCHES A BREAK was a note that said, “Phillies third baseman Cody Asche is not in the lineup Saturday against the visiting Dodgers. He has been replaced at that position by Cesar Hernandez. Asche has been on a roll over the last six games with 10 hits in 24 at-bats and six RBI.”

** Trading seems to have slowed considerably after an early-May spurt. No deals have been struck since May 13, a trade in which Jean Segura became the Crusoes’ shortstop and Chris Owings took over the spot for the Suspects. Rumors are swirling that there might be one or two more big ones left to swing, but nothing has happened recently.

** Speaking of trades, the pace was torrid early. Through May 11, 11 trades involving eight teams and 56 players had been swung, the most since four-time CDRL champion Kerry Sewell joined the league in 2006 and changed the way we all thought about trading. The fewest trades through May 11 in that time frame? In 2012, only one deal was consummated — the Kings sent Drew Storen and Clint Barmes to the Suspects for Matt Holliday and Jonny Venters.

** And speaking of trades and the Kings, we went back in the archives to find the first trade Kerry made. It was May 26, 2006 (what took so long?). The Kings sent Todd Coffey, Jeremy Hermida and Merkin Valdez to the Flash for Todd Helton and Trevor Hoffman.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Gary Robinson posted at 2014-5-25 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2014-5-25 10:59 Reply

    It was a good idea, but sometimes good ideas don’t work out. Have a good trip to see the Cubbies.

  2. #2Dave F. @ 2014-5-25 12:19 Reply

    So, tomorrow will be the eighth anniversary of Kerry’s first trade. Any celebrations planned? Looks like all the traded players would be free to attend (unless they’re bagging groceries at Kroger or changing oil at Jiffy Lube).

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