It’s all about sponsorships (CDRL style)

Spurred by an e-coupon for a meal at the Memphis Mojo cafe (defending champ Dave Smith said I should try to skip out on the bill and then tell them I know the owner!), the crack(ed) research staff at set out on an e-journey to look for sponsorship potential for our teams.

Here’s what they found:

McBrides: The best pub in Rhode Island. We do wonder if anyone has visited that place after a visit to this one.

Carmine Hose: New York City’s “legendary family style Italian restaurant.”

Cincinnati Gators: A youth sports program in Cincinnati that stresses staying in shape by playing sports. OR … Jacksonville’s Best BBQ.

Crusoes: Noted for its famous fried chicken “To Go Box.”

Hamm’s Bears: It’s “refreshing as the land of sky blue waters.”

Memphis Kings: “Scooting together for 11 years.”

Memphis MOJO: Their weekly special is a BBQ Meatball sandwich served with slaw. And if you want some sightseeing after your meal, you can find it easily on a bus.

MOB Squad: After all this eating and drinking, we’re going to need some entertainment. What’s your favorite name in that bunch? We like Elsie.

Pale Hos: This place in Indiana serves not only a Pale Ale, but a Hos IPA.

The Flash: Because we can’t stand around all day

The Keynesians: Wow! A whole town!

Usual Suspects: It fuses the classic swank of exposed brick walls with an inviting interior (they say). And can someone please identify the meal in the last photo on the right at the bottom?

Gary Robinson posted at 2014-6-1 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Dave Memphis MOJO @ 2014-6-1 09:26 Reply

    Very cool, Gary, thanks.

  2. #2Kerry @ 2014-6-1 13:56 Reply

    Well done

  3. #3Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2014-6-2 08:05 Reply

    The photo you reference in the Usual Suspects blurb looks like something one would see in a horror movie. To put it another way, it does not look appetizing…

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