Interesting shop for us baseball fans

As Mel Allen used to say, well hello, everybody!

This will be short. Thought some of you might be interested in a place I just found on Twitter that actually leads to a place that sells cool baseball stuff. This is NOT team paraphernalia. They have created shirts, hats, hoodies (hey, Bill Belichick might be reading this!), signs and more, and all with unique, baseball-related designs. The site is called Baseballism. They have several brick-and-mortar stores, including one in Scottsdale, if the Bears are anywhere near there right now. There’s also a version in Nashville. But you can buy everything online too.

Here’s one t-shirt I liked

Here’s another, just to give you examples.

I pass this along NOT because I get a cut from them (I don’t), but with Christmas coming, my family is always asking me what they can get me and I never have good answers, mainly because there isn’t a store called CLOSERS ‘R’ US.

ASIDE: As I wrote this, I started wondering if there would be a market for some of the things I yell at the television while watching Crusoes perform:

** Can’t you get ANYbody out?


** Sure, why not?

** C’mon, REALLY?


** I should trade this guy to the Kings.

Gary Robinson posted at 2016-11-20 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Carmine Hose @ 2016-11-20 09:45 Reply

    I’ll vouch for Baseballisms. Awesome gear. I have half a dozen shirts, couple of hats. My favorite shirt is one my son bought for me (because he hears it from me all the time): “It’s NOT OK (with a backward K).

    Another cool one is a red shirt with a white cross on it and the words: “Rub Dirt On It!”

    And one that kids these days don’t get: “Chin” with musical notes underneath.

  2. #2Gary Robinson @ 2016-11-20 09:53 Reply

    Yeah, they were all pretty cool. I liked the Chin Music shirt too.

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