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Wayne Peterson, owner of the Hamm’s Bears (est. 2010), recently attended a First Pitch Forum headed by fantasy guru Ron Shandler in Chicago. Just so he doesn’t get too far ahead of the rest of us, Wayne has agreed to answer a few questions about the experience.

Wayne, this isn’t the first time you’ve attended a Shandler forum, so what is it that brought you back?

You sure ask a lot of questions for somebody from New Jersey!

This may be the fifth time I have attended a BaseballHQ.com First Pitch Forum in the Chicago area. It’s a chance to sit down in a hotel banquet room with anywhere from 60 to 100 baseball junkies and 8-10 industry experts on a cold day in late February or early March to talk fantasy baseball for 3+ hours. It’s the first sign of Spring in Chicago!

What’s the general experience? Are there a lot of people there? Does he speak for awhile and then answer questions?

Ron Shandler is the headliner, but a boatload of Baseball HQ writers and researchers are on the road show, which usually starts in Chicago and hits 10-12 cities. Others who spoke included Ray Murphy, Brent Hershey, Doug Dennis (my personal favorite, because he’s a riot), Joe Hoffer, Alex Beckey and Steve Nickrent. Jim Callus used to be a regular when he was with Baseball America, but MLB.com may not allow that.

Everybody presents one position or area, Shandler does several areas and moderates. Q&A includes everyone at end, and they stay and just talk baseball until they have to head for O’Hare. It’s always a good event.

How much of what you heard related to general strategies and how much related to individual players and what to expect from them?

They touch on strategies for draft and auction leagues, but with so many disparate league setups it’s hard to be specific. It’s more overall roster building and individual player expectations, breakouts, etc. And hunting for the elusive Black Swans.

There’s always a new theme, and this year’s was “Beyond the Wisdom of the Crowd.” It looked at average draft positions (ADPs) of players and frequently asked why Player A (with stats but no name) and Player B (and maybe Player C, too) were drafted at 10, 95 and 175, with stars that are not too terribly different. We were asked to guess who each player was.
For example, why is Trea Turner (a proud member of the Hamm’s Bears) being picked at #10 overall in draft leagues, based on a relatively small sample size?

Without giving too much away, what did you learn that affected the way you’ll approach the auction and the season?

What did I learn? That crowd sourcing isn’t always right. That I should trust my gut more often.

Did he mention Kerry Sewell during his presentation?

No mention of Kerry Sewell this time, but I believe I heard someone say to watch Whit Overstreet in a few years.

If you have the opportunity, will you go to another Shandler show?

I would absolutely go again, and I hope to get to First Pitch Arizona in early November. It’s 2-3 days off seminars with lots of baseball people, as well as Arizona Fall League playoff games, where the best prospects​ in the game are on display. I think the CDRL fall meeting should be held in Scottsdale at the same time.

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  1. #1Carmine Hose @ 2017-3-20 23:22 Reply

    Good stuff. Love Baseball HQ. And we definitely need to do a First Pitch Forum in Arizona. That’s a bucket list item.

    And great scouting by HQ – young Whit just hit for the cycle, including the first dinger in Lausanne Collegiate School history. And he’s a catcher. Even the Carmine Hose would bid more than a buck for that backstop! (In the second game of the twin bill, he pitched a complete game, giving up 1 run on three hits with 7 Ks. But hitters don’t get credit for their pitching stats….)

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks. Happy Baseball Season!

  2. #2Memphis MOJO @ 2017-3-21 11:47 Reply

    Sounds like fun, thanks for sharing with us!

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