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Sad minor league news: Chase the bat dog dies (2013-7-9)

The Class AA Trenton Thunder used a dog — a golden retriever named Chase — to fetch bats after balls were put into play. Chase did this for about a decade before having to retire because of a cancer diagnosis. Now comes news of Chase’s death. Somebody put together a cool tribute video to Chase, [...]

Back in the swing (2013-6-27)

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything. Vacation and work were equally responsible. This will be quick. I saw this today and had to pass it on. R.A. Dickey isn’t in our league any more, but this is incredible.

Sunday notebook: You don’t want to lead the league in THIS stat (2013-5-26)

A couple of things for the Sunday notebook: ** Took a look at each team’s disabled list. Here’s what I found: — As a league, we average 4.1 players per team. — The Kings have NO one on the disabled list. — Bake’s McBride leads the league with seven players currently on DL stints, the [...]

Abbott and Costello were right (2013-5-21)

Our good friend and favorite substitute teacher Clay Bailey sent this to me, with the notation that Abbott and Costello were right. On a very busy day for me, the laugh was what I needed:

Sunday update: What a close race; who’s wrecking our teams? (2013-5-19)

Haven’t had a chance to update in awhile, so on a quiet Sunday waiting for the Grizzlies to play, here we go. ** I should have written something about this when it happened, but it got lost in the shuffle of life. We’re having an incredible race for the title this year, so close that [...]

‘Get yer popcorn! Cold beer:’ The sounds of the ballpark (2013-5-2)

Tim Kurkjian, the fine baseball writer for ESPN, wrote a cool piece talking to players about the sounds of the game. If you’re looking for something to do — other than work — this afternoon, I commend it to your attention.

Are there historical trends in CDRL? (2013-4-30)

One day long ago, let’s call it the middle of 2012, the owner of the Memphis Kings and the owner of the Crusoes of Robinsonville were discussing (stop me if you’re heard this before) trades. As they have been frequent trading partners over the years since both entered CDRL in 2006, this doesn’t come as [...]

The Kings of trade: How it all began (2013-4-28)

Followers of the CDRL know that the king of trading is none other than Kerry Sewell, owner of the Memphis Kings, who won the league in 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011. We’ve always joked that Kerry actually has three teams: one team on its way in from a trade, one team on the field and [...]

The value of Sabermetrics (2013-4-24)

Now that the auction is over and the preview material is stowed away, we tend to forget about Sabermetrics. That is, if we ever pay full attention to this statistical New World Order. But some just keep analyzing the numbers, seeking to find some unrealized truth. With that as a rambling preamble, I bring you [...]

A CDRL history lesson (2013-4-22)

For those of you who spend time on our league website, you see on the home page our league name, the Craig Davis Rotisserie League. You also see the league’s former name, The Al Neuharth Fantasy League of Rotisserie Baseball. This brings up possible questions, like: ** Who is Al Neuharth? ** Who is Craig [...]