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Predicting the playoffs by the Investment Club (2010-10-15)

With the start of the playoffs literally moments away, the four “investors” in the Thursday Night Investment Club’s 2010 playoff baseball contest are confident they have the winning teams. Here’s what they’re saying, some of it rather personal, some of it rather brief: Peel-Out (picked the Rangers): The soon-to-be 2010 World Champion Texas Rangers will [...]

We celebrate Assassiversary (2010-10-12)

The second night of the fourth quarter was a back-and-forth affair. After the departure of Peel-Out at shortly after 7:30, the remaining quartet played more than an hour before anyone else walked the poker walk of shame. And when it happened, it happened with a bang. As the Silent Assassin, who had survived a massive [...]

It’s not poker, but it’s still a competition (2010-10-11)

OK, the deal is this. Everyone in the Thursday Night Investment Club picked their favorite baseball team — well, some did, more on that later — and threw a few bucks in for a winner-take-all contest on the playoffs. Some of the picks made a lot of sense. For instance, the Assassin has long been [...] EXCLUSIVE: Records in heads-up play (2010-10-6)

Based on a study commissioned by the Bland Corp., and sponsored by the website, we are about to unveil the results of all heads-up play in 2010 in the Thursday Night Investment Club. The study took a LONG time — the extra 10 minutes almost made me late for work today — and is [...]

Fourth quarter begins; Assassin wins (2010-10-5)

So much for trends, huh? We previewed trends leading into the fourth quarter and they got blown up. Among them: ** The best player the past month, Peel-Out, finished fourth. ** The worst player the past month, the Silent Assassin won. ** The player with the best record in the week following a major, Peel-Out, [...]

The fourth quarter starts: What are the trends? (2010-10-5)

As we enter the fourth quarter of the Thursday/Tuesday/sometimes Monday or Wednesday or Friday Investment Club, let’s look at trends: If we look at the last four weeks, the points look like this: Peel-Out 22 Magic Man 21 Competitor 18 Hoot 15 Assassin 14 Who has done the best in the first game AFTER a [...]

Third-quarter update: Who DID win it? (2010-9-28)

Fall Brawl, the season’s third major, started innocently and pleasantly enough, with burgers from the grill and all the trimmings at Chez Competitor. And with dinner came a crowd, clearly interested in just pulling up a chair and watching the third quarter of the Thursday Night Investment Club get decided. With dinner now behind them, [...]

Third-quarter update: Who can win it? (2010-9-27)

We take a quick look at the contenders and pretenders for the third-quarter title: ** COMPETITOR: He won the second quarter by finishing second in the major event, sliding past the Assassin, who went out first in a big upset. But in the third quarter, the Competitor lags behind with 34 points. A victory, worth [...]

Breaking the Investment Club into individual competition (2010-9-26)

As we head for the Fall Brawl, the third major of the year in the Thursday Night Investment Club, we have a new look for the standings (thanks to the Silent Assassin), a new look to the blog and a new blogging spirit (whatever that means). That means more posts, more stats and more analysis. [...]

It’s over: Assassin adds notches to his belt (2009-12-31)

In the Beatles’ song Long and Winding Road, we hear this verse: The wild and windy night That the rain washed away Has left a pool of tears Crying for the day Why leave me standing here Let me know the way. The night of Game 48, the final night of the 2009 Thursday Night [...]