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Here today, gone tomorrow (2016-11-14)

The high was 81. The low was 37. No, that’s not the weather forecast for Memphis this week, although it was still reaching the 70s here last week. Those numbers represent the most and fewest players employed by the teams in CDRL in 2016. The champion Memphis Kings rolled through 81 players during the season. [...]

This is why he’s the best ever (2014-5-21)

I offer this without further comment, because greatness needs no setup. Click here to see it.

Putting the MAJOR in major deal (2014-5-9)

Did you see that? In a deal that was sent for commissioner review/approval at 5:12 a.m. — 5:12 a.m.!! — Thursday morning, the Kings and the Suspects lit up the transaction board with a 12-player deal that is the highlight of the early 2015 trading season. This blockbuster tops a 5-for-5 deal the Suspects engineered [...]

Free agents, your time is now (2013-4-7)

Owners, The Free Agent acquisition process begins. If you want to make a move, have at it. I went through the rules in a previous post. Moves made tonight and tomorrow will be determined after midnight Tuesday. From then on, it’s a daily deal. Any questions, please ask. gary